"Each material has special qualities, no less important than its beneficial properties. They are encased in the ability of material to influence our feelings. Without the mediation of the artist, without the miracle of art, this ability is inactive and does not give any results " by A. Van de Walde.


Watercolour painting at all times aroused the admiration of the public for its poetic beauty and stylistic diversity. Paintings, drawings, etudes, sketches executed by a watercolour on paper became favourite objects of collecting.

NEVSKAYA PALITRA has been producing WHITE NIGHTS watercolour since the 30s of the 20th century. The company's production cycle is the performance of a complete set of works:

  • Geological exploration
  • Conducting research and testing in the own laboratory
  • Production of natural non-organic pigments (from the earths), production of synthetic pigments (cobalt, cadmium and iron oxide pigments)
  • Production, packaging and quality control of finished goods

This is a unique production, keeping the core of traditions, but improving recipes and methods of production in accordance with time requirements and carefully tested innovative developments. This knowledge and experience have been continuously supplemented and transmitted from generation to generation of experts for almost a century, determining the consistently high quality of paints. 

Watercolours WHITE NIGHTS is a series of professional premium artists' watercolour paints with an age-old history. The series was born to the request of the professional art community for the development of watercolour, which has rich, clean and deep shades and can remain unchanged for many decades. So, in the early 30s of the 20th century, the legendary watercolour paints LENINGRAD were produced, which were subsequently renamed WHITE NIGHTS.

The paints got their brand name thanks to the unique natural phenomenon characteristic of St. Petersburg, a city in the northern part of Europe, where production is located. Every year, together with spring, the city has a period of white nights, when at night the sun does not go beyond the horizon and the natural lighting remains quite bright, that is, the whole night consists only of a couple of hours of light twilight.

This magical state of nature is very similar to watercolour painting - light, transparent, but saturated and thrilling, the same as the white nights of St. Petersburg.

(On the video plein-air of Elena Bazanova in the Summer Garden, St. Petersburg)


To date, the range consists of 145 colours, revealing a wide range of shades that meet the high requirements and quality of professional watercolour:

  • Maximum content of high-quality fine pigments on a natural gum arabic binder. Each batch of initial ingredients through preliminary mandatory studies for compliance with standards.
  • Paints are available in pans of 2.5 ml and in tubes of 10 ml. Watercolour in pans is semi-dry, does not require soaking before work, the colour is easily taken on the brush immediately after opening the package. The protective membrane of foil on the tube's neck ensures the complete preservation of colour. The paint dried on the palette is re-diluted with water.
In addition to the academically traditional painting colours, the assortment also contains many shades that expand the artist's palette, introduced in separate series:

NEW!!! 33 Granulating colours.

All paints in this series consist of two to three pigments that have different particle sizes and specific gravity. These colours fascinate by the movement of pigments in water. Most interestingly they show their extraordinary character in wet work, when a large amount of water on the sheet allows pigment particles to move unhindered. The effects of pigment lamination appear some time after the application of strokes and are best seen in dried work. In the paints there are included also special additives that stabilize the movement of pigment particles in the mixtures. The granulating paints have noble complex colours and will enrich classical painting with the original effects of granulation and lamination of pigments, inspire the creation of abstract compositions with unusual technical solutions. The nature of the effects for granulating serie significantly depends on the type of paper: the use of watercolour paper with a pronounced texture (Fin and Torchon) will increase the granulation effect.

Classical colours are traditional shades carefully selected in accordance with the request of the academic school of watercolour painting.

Pastel colours are delicate saturated shades of basic colours created to convey the finest nuances, air shades and transitions. The series is developed with the addition of titanium white.

The colours of the series are selected for the main natural metal shades for illustrations and paintings. They are mixed perfectly and are easily taken to the brush, preserving all the qualities of watercoulor artists' paints.



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